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🔌 Add-Ons XenForo developer to extend XFMG mirrorinig

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Jan 5, 2023
Since the illustrious XenForo developers would advise anyone asking that they would need to get an outside developer (which apparently you need for almost anything more than baseline abillity).... I'm contemplating engaging a developer that is familiar with XenForo for a fairly simple project.
And most likely, it would be a bespoke add-on that would not be resold/offered to others by the developer. I could possibly be "talked out of" this stance, as it is something I know that others have asked for in XenForo but they have no current desire to implement that currently as they are still fighting getting 2.3 into a somewhat stable condition.
Basically what I am looking at is an add-on that will allow custom fields that are set in a forum node that has images mirrored to the XFMG to also mirror any chosen custom field settings that were present for the image in the node.

In other words... being able to mirror this data

Screen Shot 2024-05-11 at 11.14.09 PM.png

into XFMG existing (matching) custom fields when the image itself is mirrored there.

Needing to get some suggestions for decent coders that have a good background and knowledge of XF. It really shouldn't be that complicated of an add-on to code, but since I don't do coding I can't say how involved it might be.

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