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Site Garage Service Information

Sep 24, 2022

Hey there and welcome to Admin Junkies BRAND NEW Site Garage service - the only promotion site to offer official support in putting things right. That's right, we don't just offer feedback via reviews, we help put things right too! Want to find out more?

How does the Site Garage Service work?
Stop by for a 'Site Checkup' (Review) covering up-to 6 areas. Our Service Team will spend a week carefully analysing your site against specified criteria, and provide a comprehensive checkup report at the end of the week.

Once you have your feedback you're welcome to go off and correct things yourself or view the attached options with your checkup - our Service Team will put together a quote for you for us to go in and put things right for you.

What do you currently offer Checkups and Support for?
We currently cater to the following platforms:
  • Forums (all major software: phpBB, MyBB, Xenforo, Invision Community, Flarum, Vanilla, SMF, Proboards)​
  • Blogs (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace)​
  • Discord Servers​
  • Video Platforms (including YouTube and Twitch)​
  • Social Media Platforms (including Facebook, Instagram, Threads, X/Twitter and Mastodon)​

What are the service rules/requirements?
  • You must have the required amount of AJ Credits before requesting a service.
  • We reserve the right to reject any purchase of this service for any reason.
  • You must be a staff member/creator on the platform/account you are requesting the service for.
  • Admin Junkies will not perform a Checkup, nor provide any subsequent support for any site, or user, in breach of our Rules & Guidelines.
  • We will report any issues with completing your service to you, via this website. You have 48hrs to respond, before we have to cancel your purchase.
  • You cannot choose the Admin Junkies Service Team Member completing your checkup or services.
  • If you have any problems after ordering this service, you should contact the Service Manager, @Debashis , directly. He will work with you to come to a final resolution.
  • After requesting a checkup for one platform, you must wait 14 days (2 weeks) before you can place another request. This is per platform: for example you can make one forum checkup request per 14 days, one blog checkup request per 14 days etc.

Service Pricing:

Repurposing Content

Simple (2 areas) = 150 Credits​
Basic Repurposing (5 Existing threads to your choice) = 600 Credits
Detailed (4 areas) = 275 Credits​
Advanced Repurposing (10 Existing threads to your choice) = 1000 Credits
Professional (6 areas) = 350 Credits​
Professional Repurposing (25 Existing threads to your choice) = 2000 Credits
Custom Repurposing (Please contact an Administrator)

How do I order?
No creating a new thread with difficult formats - Admin Junkies has a simple form you can fill out to place your order with our Content Bundle service. Click here to access that form, or click the 'Order Checkup' button in the Site Garage forum (where you'd normally see the create post button).

What's New since October 1st?:​

1. Repurposing Content (Currently in BETA):

Transform your content and amplify your online presence with our all-new Content Repurposing Service! Enhance your SEO footprint and enrich your posts with detail and engagement for your audience effectively.
  • Service Details:
    • SEO Enhancement: Boost your content’s SEO performance to ensure better visibility and higher traffic.
    • Detailed Enrichment: We will delve deep to layer your posts with relevant and insightful details, making your content more immersive and informative.
    • Engagement Boost: By optimizing content format and structure, we aim to heighten user engagement and interaction on every post.
    • Expected Length: You may expect us to repurpose the given content into a 300-600 words piece.
  • Suitable For:
    • Revitalizing existing threads that need a fresh and updated outlook. Either posted as fresh ones, or edited the old ones. Your choice.
    • Initiating new threads/posts with optimized and enriched content right from the start. In combination with our CONTENT BUNDLES - Should you need this, please PM an Administrator.
    • Any platform seeking to improve its overall content quality and SEO ranking.
  • Why Choose This Service?
    • Enhanced Visibility: Improve your online presence through SEO-optimized content.
    • Increased Engagement: Encourage a more interactive community with engaging and insightful content.
    • Quality Assurance: Rest assured, our repurposed content will maintain the highest standards of quality and relevance.
Whether you’re aiming to revive older threads or lay the foundation for new ones vibrantly, our Content Repurposing Service is here to ensure your platform is brimming with top-notch content that resonates with your community.

Why Order from Admin Junkies?
We know you've got plenty of choice out there, so why order from us specifically?
  • Quality Guarantee - We have stringent checks in place to make sure all of our Service Team Members meet our quality guarantee. This means the checkup you receive is set to be top-notch, perfect grammatically, and detailed to the right degree.
  • Safe Transaction - Ordering from Admin Junkies your funds are safe. We only deduct the amount after a service has been completed, and you pay in AJ Credits which can be earned from around the site, or purchased for USD$.
  • We Work With You - We're here to offer you a service, and that doesn't stop until you're 100% happy. Got a problem? Let us know. Want something tweaked? Inform us. We will work with you to ensure you are satisifed.
  • Cheaper & More Frequent than Others - Our rates are competitive, and you won't find better elsewhere. Our cool-down period is also 50% of competitors so come back for more, well... a lot more! (and yes, we're that certain you'll love our services)
  • Trusted Choice - We're a trusted choice for webmasters. No disappearing freelancers here. All of our Service Team Members are carefully vetted, selected and trained to provide you a trusted and safe service. Additionally, all STMs are trained in secure handling of sensitive information like FTP/cPanel credentials, and conform to all of the highest security standards (2 Factor Authentication etc.)

Recently Ordered a Checkup?

(and get a 10% coupon for next time!)
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