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Sep 24, 2022


"Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen."

What is Site Launch?​

Site Launch is a exciting new engagement package designed exclusively for new forums by Admin Junkies, available in Summer 2024! Site Launch is available now in a trial phase.

Forums are in their most challenging time when starting off, and it can be frustrating to build a new forum only to have it sit empty. We wanted to offer a unique set of engagement packages designed to help jumpstart members, engagement, and activity exclusively for new forums! Site Launch will rapidly fill up your forum and empty boards.

What makes Site Launch special?​

Site Launch packages can only be ordered once, and are only available to new forums or forums with less than 50 members. Packages are packed with incredible value, and are heavily discounted by up to 44% off.

Site Launch can be considered as the 'introduction' to our Content Bundles. There is even a free option!

Due to the incredible value and discounts built in to Site Launch, no coupons or promos can be used with Site Launch.

Wait! Site Launch is FREE?​

Yes! One of the options of Site Launch is a free option: no obligation, no strings attached, no credits. Simply choose the free option when ordering, and let us fill up your forum.

What does Site Launch feature?​

Site Launch packages are thoughtfully designed to feature a mix of new members, engaging threads and discussions, and even an in-depth community consultation in the highest tier of package.

There are 3 levels of packages:
  • Launch Free - Free and no charge! Perfect for owners that want to trial a post package for the first time, your very first post package is free on Admin Junkies!
  • Launch Mission - A basic package with amazing value. This package is designed to help new sites quickly add discussions across their site. Perfect for filling in empty boards.
  • Launch Command - A premium package designed to help new sites solidify their strategy with robust engagement and targeted discussions. Includes an in-depth community consultation.

What is the Site Launch community consultation?​

The community consultation is only available in the highest plan. When ordering, you will be asked some simple but probing questions regarding your background with your site. You may be asked follow-up questions.

Usually within a week, you will be privately provided with a community report that compares your market positioning to others, relative strengths and advantages, areas of improvement, and an action plan of specific goals for next steps. The community consultation is entirely voluntary and a strategic assessment to help you optimize your growth with targeted goals. The community consultation will be handled exclusively by @joelr .
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