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General Would you want to own your own video sharing site?

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Service Team
Service Team
Sep 5, 2012
Like the title of this thread asks, would you ever want to own your own video sharing site? I can imagine you would run into legal issues if you share copyright material on your website or let others do the same, not to mention it would be hard to compete against platforms like Youtube and Rumble. I wouldn't want to run a video sharing site for legal reasons, yeah I know DMCA ignored hosts exist but then you would also have to worry about the actual content your users are uploading on a moral level. Just would be too much of a headache, unless you only shared the platform with people you know in real life that you can trust.
No, I wouldn’t want to run my own video sharing site. The server costs would be insane. There’s also sites like Worldstarhiphop and Vimeo.
I’d be too cheap to run something like that. 🤣 Don’t want to get into whole servers just for hosting. Can’t imagine what it must be like for YT.
I couldn’t stomach the legal risks there. I’ve read too many articles about webmasters operating these sites and ending up in prison. :p
I have no desire to create my own video sharing site but having a popular channel on multiple video sharing sites is my dream
It's incredibly unethical and also video companies, like the music ones, probably put viruses on it, on purpose.
I would strongly support one that met my standards and had a miraculous way to remain solvent that doesn't include end user exploitation or utterly subpar features or both. There's not a shot in hell I'd be the ringleader trying to pull that from scratch for a multitude of reasons.
Running a video-sharing website is highly profitable but is costly to get started. I prefer to operate low keyed websites and blogs that consume little web hosting investment.
I wouldn't, there would be copyright infringement and other legal issues all over it, I think. I like to manage smaller, and medium-sized sites that I can manage. The bigger the site, the more legal issues are likely involved. Besides, I don't have much passion or drive for video content.

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