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Where do you get your news?


Service Team
Service Team
Oct 16, 2022
I'm curious to see where everyone gets their news from. I recently signed up for 1440, it's a unbiased news source that I get daily. I just signed up the other day and so far I'm satisfied with their reporting! It's refreshing getting news from a different source than the major media outlets.
I am staying with my brother in Nashville. He has a Roku and I like to browse news and other political stuff on it. I get on YouTube to do that.
Sadly, normally from social media (I follow numerous news outlets on there). I’ll read the newspaper or watch the news on TV every now and then too
I get my news from the “news” app on my iPhone and social media. I don’t watch regular tv so i dont watch regular news that airs on cable..
It's nice to watch the local news, especially when you're from a more rural area. Also, local newspapers can be homey and charming.
I listen to the radio for the local news. And then for worldwide, social media fills me in.
I have stopped all corporate news and news from big tech such as Facebook, YouTube, or Google.

Now I get news from independent journalists/media.
The Wikipedia "Current Events" portal is my primary source of news as an overview broadly of "what's going on." I love the density of information, link to varied sources, and direct links to Wikipedia articles for further background information.

It’s a completely different experience from the news media—biases are still aplenty but they’re downright quaint when stacked against commercial incentives.

I get my news from Facebook! Yeah I follow quite a few blogs there so they keep me up to date on the recent happenings. Sometimes I listen to radio too, sounds cliche?
I go on some selected sites that I know gives legit news. Facebook and Whatsapp helps too sometimes.
I rarely watch television. So, not from there. Sometimes, a local paper. Other times I'll glimpse at Google News or discovery news on my phone. I find it overwhelming to deal with given my current health. I do occasionally discuss current events with friends and family. When I'm feeling up to it.
I gave up on watching news a few years ago. It's all bullcrap. You can't trust anyone for news these days
It’s depressing really. There’s rarely good news, lol.

I quit watching news on the tele, but still hear occasionally or read it on Facebook. And even that’s too much.
lmao I know right. I can't even bring myself to tune into the BBC anymore either. American news is worse though
donald trump GIF by franceinfo


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