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I'm still waiting for the money from my tax return to get deposited into my bank account.
I'm only getting $100-something back this year. When I used to work at Walmart and Kroger, I used to make a lot more and get more hours, so my tax return was usually a lot more.
I'm only getting $100-something back this year. When I used to work at Walmart and Kroger, I used to make a lot more and get more hours, so my tax return was usually a lot more.
That sucks! At least you don't owe anything though. One of my coworkers is only getting $45 back. Still haven't got the money yet lol. I'm guessing I won't get it until Monday or Tuesday.
That sucks! At least you don't owe anything though.
I'm glad I don't owe anything as well because my funds have been pretty low the past several months.

We took our dogs to the vet today and the little one was a precious angel, but the bigger one had to be sedated due to how over-protective he is. On the way to the vet, we saw someone's tire fall off their car and fly across the highway, I don't think anyone had a wreck, but we just passed right by it on the opposite side when it happened.
What's everyone got planned for the weekend?

I'm catching up with some friends this arvo and watching the football :D
I sold a lot of 3 Yu-Gi-Oh cards on eBay for $75 and I currently have a comic book sitting at a $50 bid, so hopefully, I can start building up my funds with this stuff I'm selling on eBay.
Good luck Cory! Good afternoon everyone, hopefully you're all enjoying your weekend. Unfortunately it'll be ending soon for me but then I only work two days this week so hopefully they both go by fast! I'm going to try and get my forum Mighty No 9. Universe back up and running again, mainly just as a read only archive most likely. It's still up on Jcink at least, but I'll have to pay for premium since it does contain some mature topics. :V
Good luck Cory!
Thanks! I'm using two different collection apps for values right now; Collectr for my TCG cards and iCollect for other forms of collectibles, mainly my CDs. I don't know how accurate the values are, but one of my CDs is worth $50+ and the comic listed on eBay right now is worth $150+. I doubt I'll get that much for either of them, but whatever helps build the funds up is fine.
Just finished another assignment for work. Now I have to practice it and prepare to give it as a speech, fml
My dad got a knee manipulation today months after having a knee replacement to break up all of the scar tissue. He's heard horror stories about people having knee manipulations, but he came out happy and well as ever. I am very thankful he is starting to heal.
That's great to hear Cory! So over the weekend I decided to take the hard drive out of my old desktop computer. I backed up some files and came across a few database dumps of Mighty No. 9 Universe. I decided to revive the forum, so far I've got it up and running on phpbb2 and dear god the permissions are so primitive lol. I'm sure they were great for their time but this software is going to be 16 years old this year. I will get around to converting to the latest version of phpBB. I'll go more into the site's history once I get things all set up fully. It was hosted on Jcink btw, just had to download a old converter but it still works. Plus I'm using Hostinger and they allow you to change your site's php version to 5.6 which is bizarre but works for me.
Well, we ended up selling that one comic for $50 and that seems a little low considering the app said its value is almost 4 times that, but we'll gladly take $50 for a comic that mainly sits around and collects dust. We're going through a lot of items in our household we no longer want that are worth more than putting in our upcoming garage sale and putting them on eBay. It's fun, kind of like my own business.
Good evening everyone! We switched to a new ISP today. We went from Spectrum to i3 broadband, I have noticed a bit of a difference when I booted up my tv earlier. I haven't uploaded or downloaded anything yet nor did a internet speed test but I'll get around to doing so soon enough since I filmed my next unboxing video for my Youtube channel.
We have AT&T U-verse ourselves and while it may not have the best connection, it seems to keep our tech on their toes.
I've heard good things about AT&T but we didn't have coverage where I live. But it sounds like it's probably not as good as some people say it is lol. A lot of my neighbors made the switch to either i3 broadband or Gateway Fiber once they both became available last year. More people went with i3, and none of them had any issues. (Though a third party contractor did accidentally cut into a line on Monday so the service was down until yesterday morning... but it didn't affect us since we didn't have it installed yet. :V)

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