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If it were possible to turn back time, where would you start?


Ping of death
Bronze Member
Dec 26, 2022
I would fix some mistakes.. but
I think that everything that happens has a "reason" behind it.

I'm not afraid of the final "destination", though..
What a great topic!

There's a lot I would do differently with the knowledge I have today. But I wouldn't have the knowledge today if I didn't make mistakes. So mistakes give you experience, lessons and knowledge.

Where I would start... that's a rather difficult question. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than where I am now. I do find the time to be going too fast, so if I could choose I'd rather have the time not go as fast...
I don't really have any regrets yet so I don't know if I would like to start over from some specific time of my life. I love the way my present is, so, I don't want to change anything in my past because it might eventually change the present I have today which I might not like when it happens.
I would definitely come out to my parents sooner and try to transition sooner. I’ve always known who I was, but didn’t really have the proper words to explain it.
Mine would be really simple... no desire to change anything in my life because our mistakes and our wins are what make us what we are... but I would turn back to when I was a late pre-teen and spend a LOT more time talking with my grandparents about their life so that their experiences would be able to enrich my life more. Same with my parents, I would have spent a LOT more time with them, because you don't recognize how (usually) an integral part of your life they were until they are no longer around and you do like me, cooking a something or fixing something that takes you to a flashback of watching/helping one parents.
I wouldn't want to go back to my school years because they were horrendous, but I would probably go back right after I graduated high school if I had a mindset that I have now or at least similar. Though, I don't know if my mental health would be as good as it is now rather than it was.
Instead of depending solely on my tertiary degree, I would learn a skill that would support me. Although I have started now, but I wish I had done so way earlier.
So I would make the decision to learn a lucrative skill.
I would go back and tell my younger self to take his life seriously. Adulthood is no joke, no one told me it would be like this.
Money doesn't buy happiness but it's certainly a damn good tool to get you in the right direction. Which is why I'd be the boring one who takes pains to have a lotto win and plan for how to optimize early spending to ensure indefinite security for self and immediate family. Then go on from there.

Yes it's a waste of money to do on chance, yes you are fueling an alternative government revenue stream but if you can get a guaranteed result then really why not?

I'd be tempted to make things better by some people and circumstances and have that as the actual time to go back to, but in general it's probably best I look to the future and not get lost in the past.

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