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Ever revived a dead forum?


Service Manager
Jul 27, 2023
Have you ever owned or worked on a forum with almost no activity and used your forum management skills to revive it?
If you did, how was the experience? What were few key actions that you had taken which helped you in giving back life to it?
Technically you can say I'm working on reviving a forum right now. I'm bringing back my Mighty No. 9 forum, it was dying even after the game did come out but then I didn't pay for Jcink premium hosting and it went offline to the public. Now I've moved to self hosting and I'm getting things squared away before I send out a mass email to all the members, I'm going to also post a link on r/mightyno9, on the social media pages I made for the community years ago, and on a few promotional forums too.
I kept the Astro What? domain live for a while, but had brought down the actual site. After about 2 years I decided to bring it back up.
Not a lot of posting activity but with our spam measures that are in place we are up to 120 registered users.
Most visitors to the site are after several of the links and files I host, and I don't require them to join to download those, so actual site activity is fairly busy now.
If anything, I may have tried to revive some dead forums I created, but I don't believe I've ever tried to revive a forum that someone else created.
After I sold the domain, my mental health site has been dead for many months but I might soon bring it back from the grave.
I turned one around that was being sold while on life support. The homepage and "articles" were old school html pages, while the forum was on an 8-year-old version of vBulletin. That had a couple regular posters, but took a ton of TLC and about three years to get it breathing on its own again.

A lot of that was done to prep for Fan Clubs, which is started off as a blog of mine years ago. I've been working on re-structuring and reviving a dead forum that I merged with the site a few years back. We'll see how it goes, but I'll keep on playing the role of Dr. Frankenstein until I figure this one out 👨‍🔬🔬🧪
I have in the past been hired as a community manager to help revive dead forums and those who hired me have been happy with the result.

It is not always easy to revive a dead forum but there are ways to do it, always a joy when you see success :)

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