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Do you like to work at home or in person jobs?


Renowned member
Mar 1, 2024
COVID opened the eyes of most people to the advantages of working from home. Now, many people prefer to work remotely at home than having to go to the office every weekdays. Elon Musk criticised working from home, according to him, those working from home doesn't bring much success to the company they're working for.

What are your thoughts about working from home or working at the office every weekdays?
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Hybrid, we work a couple of days in office for those that are near to the office.

I feel like this strikes the best balance
I wouldn't apply for a job which the location of the office is very distant from my home. I'll only do that if the pay was very good.
I prefer to work at home.
I've tried to work in-person jobs before, but it was too overwhelming, so now I work at home.
Personally, I don't mind as long as I'm getting paid well. Although, I have a problem with working night shift because I love to sleep.
I prefer working at home because it is more convenient for me to stay home and do everything I need to do instead of having to suffer being in traffic going to work and coming back.
My home is my comfort zone! If I have the opportunity to choose working at home, I'm going to take it because it affords me the chance to stay where I'll feel good all the time.
I work in the office once a week, and the rest of the week from home.

Personally, I like it that way. The change of scenery once a week is nice (and I prefer in-person meetings over Zoom meetings), but I do appreciate not having to commute for the rest of the week!

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