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📧 Email Services What do you use for email?

Topics about setting up and managing email services related to domain names.


Mr Awesome
Apr 23, 2023
What do you use for email for your site? Is it who your currently hosted with or do you use a different email hosting aside from your webserver? Do you prefer privacy email wise?
I usually use Mailgun which also means I can automate bounce handling and such like by getting notifications from MG. Also has a better chance of not being in hosting-related IP blocklists.
I just purchased a inbox from my hosting provider and made a professional email using my domain names. I also have gmail, yahoo, and protonmail account for personal use.
For transactional email (registration, alerts, etc that are generated by the script) for the site, I use Amazon SES.
For individual domain email accounts, I use ZoHo.

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