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Insulting the Sponsor


Royal member
Nov 3, 2022
On Wayne's World, Wayne and Garth don't like Noah Vanderhoff, the sponsor of the their show, and they make fun of him. Anyway, would you make fun of the sponsor or allow members to do so? I don't think it's a good idea. ;)
I don't have any sponsors. My forum is self funded by me and a friend. :)
I wouldn't believe in special treatment per se, I dislike any arrangement that shields an entity from criticism if deserved. Pushback if it's a poor criticism is to be expected. However I don't think there's a time or place to spout off insults that would fly, sponsor or fellow member. I'm not familiar with the OP example but it sounds like it's played up for comedy which is a little different and depends on what you're looking at.
Well yeah, that's usually the arrangement. Even the name is a more brisk implication of a trade/enterprise. Honestly I tend to see more issues with just generic advertising though, say, google going 'nuh uh, don't like that!'

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