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ForumFlock March Posting Event $$


Oct 23, 2023

Forum Flock would like to announce the very first posting contest for March! The contest will be a posting contest and the top three posters during March will win their share of $50! How cool does that sound!?

The prize will be split between the three of you as follows:

1st Place - $25
2nd Place - $15
3rd Place - $10

Entries start from March 1st 2024 and go on to March 31st 2024 at midnight EST (5 am GMT)

Rules are as follows:
  • All posts must be of good quality and must add to the discussion and promote engagement
  • Posts will only be counted that happened between 1st March to 31st March 2024
  • Posts made in the Fun and Games forum will not be counted towards your final post count for entry
  • Winners will be responsible for any fees incurred when sending the payments. Any fees that are deducted are out of our hands.
We reserve the right to make changes to these rules as we see fit and if changes are made, we will alert all members so they are aware.

If you wish to enter the March Madness Posting Contest please reply below with your current post count before you make any further posts and this will be added to this thread as an entry, at the end of the month, Forum Flock staff will tally up the post counts to announce the winners of the March Madness Posting Contest!

Start posting today!

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