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Service Team
Service Team
Sep 5, 2012
Has anyone here ever use this software before? Acmlmboard hasn't been actively developed by the original creators in a very long time. However, The Cutting Room Floor's message boards uses a branch of the software that's maintained by Xkeeper the owner of the website. (Fun fact, he used to be an admin for Sonic Retro a Sonic forum I'm active on lol.) There's another branch called Acmlmboard-2 that's being maintained by the owners of another forum called Kafuka, though that repository hasn't seen an update in four years. The software looks outdated, but one thing I do like about it is that each member can edit the CSS of their own posts to make them look unique. I don't think there's any other software that does this without modifications or plugins. If you're interested in checking out the repositories for each branch of the software, here they are.

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