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How are you feeling today?

I was a bit down earlier today but that quickly changed as soon as I clocked out from work today. 🤣 People were ruthless on this Good Friday holiday.
Beautiful weather today. I see a lot of people are flying kites in the park, which is cool - I haven't flown a kite in years!
Feeling important today! The weather was wonderful and the vibes were vibing today.
I’m tired today and I’m not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I’ve been off since Wednesday and it’s been nice lol.
I had plenty of sleep and got to go to a city that had lots to do and we found a cool geek shop to look around at. I also had two caffeine drinks to keep me energized. Suffice it to say, I feel on top of the world today!
I've been tired today, though I did go to bed too late the past couple of days. That won't be happening tonight since I have to go to work tomorrow. I've been playing Sonic Unleashed lately and staying up too late playing the game lol.
Spent the last few days burning out images of Linux on the M10 and setting up KStars/INDI/EKOS on them and creating articles for the site. Final one I want to do is Gentoo... and there is a reason it was the last one. You have to manually install almost everything from the command from either a live image after initializing the hard drive and then mounting the partition in the live image.
Get about 1/2 through (only 2nd time I have done it and promised myself I'd never do it again).... and now the Wiki for Gentoo (which if you don't live and breathe Gentoo you usually need) is down, as is their forums.

Screen Shot 2024-04-11 at 10.01.57 PM.png

And with the amount of time I've already sank into it to get to where I am, I don't want to disconnect the KVM from it to do other work I need to on an Orange Pi3 setup as I am concerned with what that may affect and I really don't want to pull the xBox off that monitor as I want to play some more Halo while (and if) the Gentoo install is compiling everything.
So I sit here doing a refresh about every 30 minutes for the last few hours.... and about to call it a halt until tomorrow.
I was a bit moody today, more than usual. :ROFLMAO: Like today was an idgaf type of day for me especially when I was working.

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