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General Forum Screenshots/Memories From the Past

For all the diverse topics that don't quite fit elsewhere.
Nov 26, 2015
This is a thread where you can post screenshots from the past! Favorite forums can be found at https://archive.org/web/ let's bring back some history in this thread. I even have some screenshots saved to this computer to share... Let's share favorite posts/themes/memories here!

Here was one of my favorite themes that were made for Atrium by the amazing Jamie. I'm still in utter love with that theme. I would have used it all year long lol. Some awesome names are on this screenshot. This was when Dynamo was messing up so I was taking a screenshot for that.


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Here's the very first snapshot of Might No. 9 Universe that the Wayback Machine captured. Looking at this brings back memories, this was my most successful forum in terms of number of members as well as activity. I made it right after Mighty No. 9's Kickstarter project was announced. We started on prophpbb but then made the switch to self hosting not too long after. I was 23 years old so this was already a decade ago which is hard to believe. Eventually we moved to Invision, then moved to Jcink since I couldn't keep up with the cost of Invision. I never should have moved software, my co-admin was more familiar with phpBB and after we moved he didn't really get back online much. Sometimes I wonder if I could bring the forum back, I believe I do have a backup of the forums on my spouse's laptop, I have to look at the hard drive since I took it out of the laptop. I don't really think it's worth bringing back though, Mighty No. 9 was mediocre, and just a few years later after the game came out Mega Man 11 was released. Mighty No. 9 was supposed to be the spiritual successor to Mega Man and was announced during a time where Capcom wasn't releasing new Mega Man games. Anyways I think I rambled on too long, here's a snapshot of Mighty No. 9 Universe:
I feel like I poured my heart and soul into this board as a teenager into my younger twenties. I was on it every second of the day it felt like.

So crazy the amount of time we put into our projects! I don't think I was a member, or at least if I was I was not an active one - but it truly seems like it was an amazing forum!
So crazy the amount of time we put into our projects! I don't think I was a member, or at least if I was I was not an active one - but it truly seems like it was an amazing forum!
It was fun while it lasted. The indexes of all the codes and skins that I manually built at the time are what really drew people in, I think, but once I willingly and accidentally gave those to the official support board, I don't think Big Boards gained as much traction as before.
This is the last screenshot of a general discussion forum I ran back in 2014/2015 called Chillerr. My most successful forum ever. I ended up selling it, because I didn’t make the wisest decisions back then, but great memories nonetheless. I tried recreating Chillerr over the years but it was never the same.

Man I wish the theme worked. I’ve had trouble finding pictures of it since I lost that laptop and would love to get it remade. I might have to try to make a photoshop mock up.View attachment 2215
that's what the problem is also on my end LOL I have so many snips from 2016 but every single of of them as no theme loading in
I can look into it but can not make any promises.

@Sinistra if you could post the old version that you were running along with the new version so I know what Im dealing with I will try to see if I can find enough info about it to be of help.
maybe you could import it into a fresh install of an IPB version closer to the one that forum and upgrade it then export and import into new forum.
yeah I haven't tried that yet, me and the support team are going at it in the forums over there about it. lol anywho back on topic.
This was the website I was admin at and did all the skin designs and mod installs. it's dead now, got taken over by a add hungry guy and it went down hill from there lol
Screenshot 2023-09-28 140942.png

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