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Cash or Card


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Apr 10, 2023
When you make purchases in person do you carry cash on you these days or do you primarily pay with a card/Apple Pay/virtual payment of another sort? I rarely have coins due to this, and was thinking about the days where you were cleaning and you'd find change in the couch. Those days are pretty close over for me!

Do you like the ease of card/other virtual form of payment? Do you prefer cash?
I primarily use Samsung pay when I can. If Samsung pay is not available, my phone case is also my wallet so I have my cards with me as a backup.

So that either way, no matter what I have method to pay with. I can even pay with my watch via Samsung pay LOL.
Always use Apple Pay (normally on my watch but sometimes that doesn't work so I use my phone instead). I very rarely have cash and if somewhere doesn't take card I usually leave cause I don't carry a physical card and can't get cash out lol
I don't like cash much because it involves sorting and counting through it, while your card is one item that gives you access to unlimited things to buy with a simple swipe, and what makes it even better is having your bank account balance visible to you so you can consistently check how much you have in your account.
I just use my card everywhere I go. I don't have Apple Pay set up on my phone, I never bothered setting it up lol. I rarely pay in cash these days, the only time I do use cash is if I got to a event and need to pay for parking.
I usually use my card, but if I have cash on me and I have enough I will use the cash.
Don't carry cash... in fact, recently stopped off at a small store that was somewhat in the "boonies" to get gas and some munchies while on a scouting trip for dark sky locations and they didn't even take cash. Had very noticeable signs up on the pumps that basically said "cash not accepted, cards only". Same on the door when you went in. Apparently since his business is somewhat remote, he's been robbed a few times.... by not having cash on the site, it reduced those incidences other than the theft of actual product.
I'm good either way. I use to strictly use cash when I was younger. But my mother told me that people rip you off and when you use cash and that using your card is the easiest route.
I always use the virtual payment mode where we just scan the QR code, enter the amount, and pay. Mostly I use Google Pay but there are other apps as well here like PayTM, PhonePe, etc. I feel the culture of using cash is soon going to come to an end. There are countries already that are almost close to getting cashless.
Most of the time it's been cash in hand only, I mean I end up buying online also but we can't use cash online haha. Tend to keep cash going
Was always card during the Covid years but recently gone back to cash, people pay me by cash in my business so may as well spend that whenever I go anywhere. Only thing that worries me is who has handled that cash. Icky thoughts.
I usually use my physical card, I don't use Apple Pay... not sure why, it's just something that's never interested me in using. I feel like such a dinosaur saying that hahaha.
Also never carry cash. If I'm given cash as a gift, I head into my bank branch and deposit it into my account.
Unintentionally i have been using cash 95% of the time for a couple of years now. I like it :)
I prefer to use my card instead of cash now. Before Covid, I was always carrying cash around with me and paying with cash, but now I just use my card for all purchases.

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