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Last of Us (HBO Max)

Nov 26, 2015
Has anyone here watched the HBO Max show The Last of Us? I personally started it last night and dear goodness I love it! I think I'm on episode 3 now. Anyone else watched it, or haven't watched it yet but want to? Below is the trailer if you're interested in previewing it. :) What do you think of the actors included? Some people don't like the girl used for Ellie, but I think she was a good person for the role.

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Finished watching it a few weeks back and generally enjoyed the series overall.
However i can't deny that the young man playing the Ellie character is too often exceedingly cringey.
It's not because he's a male pretending to be a female, it's his performance i find too overbearing and unlikable.
Really hope the writers don't kill off the Joel character like in the game part 2.
@André i believe the actor who is playing Ellie prefers to go by they - they are gender fluid as of what I last read.

Anywho they seem to be pretty similar to the game.
I've seen it here and there as my mother and father were watching it but didn't really take the time to see the full episodes. Seems pretty interesting to say the least.
It is so good!

I’m on episode 7 out of 9 and watching it right now. :)

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