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Do you live close to family?


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Nov 19, 2023
Do you live close to family?

Me and all my family live close to each other so we can visit anytime.
I have a large family, some family members live in the same state as me and only live minutes away while others live in other states and live hours away. My parents and younger sister live in the same city as me though.
Yes, I live close to my family, like in the same household! I live with my mother, father, and brother. I'm the middle child, my brother is the youngest. My sister, who is the oldest, moved to West Virginia for the job of her dreams there. It seems kind of "sad", I guess (?) that a 33-year-old is still living with his parents, but we all take good care of each other.
No, I live 2000 km away from my family. It's because there are no job opportunities in my hometown for the skills I have. That's the main reason why I shifted to a developed city.
No, not exactly. But we usually make plans to meet there every now and then. It is a way to strengthen the family bond despite the distance.
yeah i have an elder sister who invites me to her house for nice little parties
I wish? But also don't?
So, I'm especially close to my mom and my "irish" twin brother, and they live about 45~ish minutes away by vehicle. My brother usually spends 1-2 weeks at my house every couple of months. I wish I saw my mom more often, as normally when I see her, it's because I'm out in her neck of the woods for doctor stuff (the small town I live in doesn't have specialty docs so I have to go out there).

I used to be very close to my sister as well but she moved up north a few years ago and our relationship is now strained. My youngest brother also lives with my mom and other brother, along with his wife and kids. I'm closer to his wife and oldest son than I am to him these days. He works a lot and when he's not working, he's usually being a homebody (or drinking which I'm not a fan of.)

I wish I lived closer to them, though. I don't have a car or a license so that's why I don't see them as often as I could.

HOWEVER, my husband's side of the family... is here in town and I honestly hate it. I love the people themselves but I hate LIVING with them. And how it's gone so far is that first his younger sister and husband lived with us and it was meant to be temporary... but they lived with us for SEVEN YEARS. And I hated it; they aren't the cleanest people and they smoke, drink, etc. They're fine to visit, but living with them was an anxiety inducing nightmare. IN fact, my anxiety spiked and it was at its WORST when I started to realize they were staying and staying and staying.

We got rid of them, finally, a couple of years ago.

And then... the beginning of THIS year, 2024? His OTHER sister left her husband and moved out here, to be close to her siblings. With her came their mother and three of the five kids. Now, our house is pretty big but not THAT big so the family split up. The sisters live together with two of the kids and we have his mom and one of the kids. I'm actually okay with his mom. She's a quiet lady, she keeps to herself, cleans up after herself. But the kid...

Let's just say I knew I never wanted to be a parent and leave it at that.

It's supposed to be temporary and in this economy, it's not unrealistic that they haven't found jobs or homes yet. It's only been 3 months. But I gotta tell you, if they're still here with us a year from now, I might just have to be stuck in a mental hospital for a while because my anxiety is back through the ROOF and I don't know how much longer I can take it.

So that's my long winded story on that.

I want to add that I wouldn't mind living in the same area or neighborhood as all the family but I prefer to have my own house to myself, my husband, and our cats. I'd like to be able to run around half naked, leave the bathroom doors open, not have to listen to crappy kid youtubers on high volume when I wake up, stupid kid music blasting out of phones while I'm in the middle of watching a horror movie, being able to eat in peace, read in a quiet room, not have to answer dumb kid questions, and have a clean house again.

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