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Buying things for my new house

Jul 27, 2023
I'm about to move to a new house which is a 2 bedroom-hall-kitchen apartment having an area of 900 square feet. Since it is going to be an unfurnished one, I'll have to buy all the things I need. As of now, I've added a refrigerator, washing machine, water purifier, bed & mattress, and dining table set to my cart. For the kitchen, I'm planning to buy an oven and a mixer grinder.

What other furniture or appliances do you think would be useful to have?

All suggestions would be highly appreciated! 😊
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Still not 100% the same as the real airfryer.

Like for real, we use that thing so much though, we're considering to purchase a second one. Since they are limited in space. When compare it to the traditional microwave heating, airfryer is sooooo much better, leaving a crispy layer without drying it out.
Still not 100% the same as the real airfryer.
We have both, and found that it honestly does about the same as the Ninja we have. The benefit of the oven is it will hold a lot more, and when you are doing air fried chicken being about to put 8 pieces in with no stacking beats the Ninja. We usually use the Ninja for fries/onion rings and similar and then when cooking the meats we do the oven.
One thing that is always handy is a microwave oven.
A convection style toaster oven is also nice if you have room for it.
A smart TV may also be useful.
For the living area, a two position "couch" with built in recliners is also nice.
Yes, I should definitely get them. I'll buy them next month. Thanks. :)
What about the bathroom? A shelf or cabinet for shaving/grooming stuff? :)
That's much needed. Thanks. :) I just realized that the bathrooms are not having any cabinets.
You need an airfryer mate. :D
How does this look? 😃
Congratulations on your new place! I believe the things you listed are the basic stuff one needs in every home.
You might want to add a toaster in the kitchen, nothing like a toasted bread and tea in the morning! 🙂
It's a big step, and I get that buying stuff for it can be both exciting and kind of daunting. Start by figuring out what you need, like furniture, appliances, and all that jazz. Keep an eye out for sales and discounts – you'd be surprised at the deals you can find if you shop around a bit. Oh, and don't forget to set yourself a budget and try to stick to it. It's easy to get carried away with all the cool stuff out there, but trust me, having a spending limit can save you a lot of stress in the long run.

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