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Do you think advertising agency is still a thing today?

Sep 30, 2022
Advertising agencies are professional bodies that are set up to offer special marketing and advertising services to both online and offline business in order to make them more visible to their customers online or offline.

Have you considered using their services for any of your forum projects? Do you think they're still relevant to be depended on to produce good results?
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With AI, you don't need to pay advertising agencies to create your copy if you don't know how to do it yourself.

However, it's not just asking AI to make it engaging. You have to be precise, fact-check, research, and tweak it. I can do all that myself because I am into copywriting and AI.

That is helpful for me because I don't need to spend any money.

But if you're not into that, and you do have a budget, you should invest in an advertising agency. Just make sure you research the agency and see if it's legit or not. Are they just going to give you something from AI, or are they reputable as a human-powered copywriting agency?
Yes, advertising agency is still a thing. Not many businesses and individuals have skills for creating materials for advertising (graphics, videos, copies, etc.), and not many individuals and businesses are ad targeting.

I know someone who runs an advertising company that is still making it now and living a good life. The thing is that one should be able to find out how to help small businesses grow at an affordable fee, then everything can get better from there.

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