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Thoughts on themes that don't show you have posted in the thread?

Jun 27, 2012
Something I have noticed with some themes used on Xenforo forums specifically is how they don't always show if you have posted in a thread.

Being able to see if I have posted in a thread has been something I have gotten used to and when I lose that option, it annoys me in a sense.

What are your thoughts on themes that do not show you when you have posted in a thread?
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It's a feature Jcink used to have but now lacks. I created a code to accomplish it on Jcink, but it has a major downside of only taking effect after the code is added to the board, so it's a good code to add to the board when the board is brand new.

For the most part, I dislike it when I'm unable to see what threads I've made a post in. It makes it harder to see if you've already participated in the discussion.
It's a very annoying theme to be very honest because without going through your notifications, there's no way you're going to know if you've posted in the topic except when you open it and start going through the comments. I don't like the theme for anything because it's bad.

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