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Question to those who receive crypto as payment

Jun 27, 2012
I have been curious about receiving payments in crypto or even payments I receive investing them in crypto and leaving the funds there. Still, I always worry about losing my money and have never done it yet.

For those of you who accept crypto as payment, do you keep your money in your account? How often do you lose anything? What crypto currency do you accept?
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There is significant volatility in most crypto, and you can gain or lose day to day.

You can Google for things like BTC chart or LTC chart to see the day to day fluctuation for those two coins.

There are some crypto choices that are considered "stable coins" that are stable and mapped to the US dollar, however, I haven't seen anyone use these choices.

I would personally view receiving and saving crypto only as last resort, when you can't send it receive normal fiat currency. The only reason why you would want to keep in crypto is entirely because it's fun money.
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