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Host just suddenly went out of business?

Nov 1, 2022
Have you ever had to deal with a hosting company who suddenly went out of business? Did you have a credit on your account that you lost by that happening?

Safe to say it's never happened to me, but I do worry about it happening. Not a lot of worry, but it's crossed my mind when my site goes down for no reason!
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That's one of the reasons that I tend to go with the bigger name providers. It's gotten even worse now when anyone that can lease a server thinks they can spin up paid hosting and make lots of money. They frequently find out that to provide quality hosting services takes a lot more ability than being able to install cPanel and do reseller hosting.
Over the years I've seen those type of "hosting services" come and go.
It can even happen with folks that invest in substantial infrastructure. I remember a well known hosting provider over on XenForo that ended up dying the death of a thousand cuts and he closed up shop and left quite a few folks in the lurch.
I have used the same hosting company for over 10 years now and never had a problem where they suddenly went out of business. I do know that this happens though and can't imagine what it is like for anyone who has to go through this, especially when they may have credit on their account.

I find that going for hosting companies who are big names tend to be the best option to avoid things such as a company going out of business and the result being a huge loss.

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