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Admin & Webmaster What to keep in mind when using Posting Packages Part I

Starting a forum can be quite challenging when it comes to getting a good number of active members who are willing to participate and post. Of course, if the forum revolves around a niche that interests your friends, you can always invite them to lend a hand. However, what if your forum's subject matter is too specialized for them, and you're eager to kickstart the forum with some activity as quickly as possible?

Well, in such a situation, you might consider hiring a few paid content writers to assist you with generating posts. If you decide to go down this path and hire forum posters, there are some essential tips to keep in mind to ensure you make the most out of this approach.

It's good for an activity boost

At first glance, Posting Packages are a good boost for generating activity within your community. They can certainly provide a quick influx of posts, making it appear bustling and engaging. However, there is a significant downside to relying heavily on these exchanges.

When members participate in posting simply to earn credits or meet a quota, the interactions can feel artificial and forced. Authenticity suffers, and connections among members become superficial. That's one thing we try to avoid with our service on Admin Junkies. We do our best to make it feel natural. An active community is not solely measured by the number of posts; True engagement comes from meaningful discussions and genuine connections.

It's a good way to have fresh content

In the early stages of community building, when attracting members is a challenge, Posting Packages can be beneficial. Having some initial content helps entice potential members to join, providing a starting point for conversations. Nonetheless, it is crucial to recognize that posting packages are not a sustainable long-term solution. As your community grows, you should shift the focus from relying on exchanges to creating a culture that encourages organic content creation and sharing. High-quality, user-generated content creates a sense of ownership and belonging among members, which is crucial for the community's success.

They are not like your loyal members

A dedicated member will provide you far more posts then any single posting package or exchange can. As said above, the main reason you should use posting packages or do exchanges is to get content at the beginning just so you can draw in these dedicated members. If you want a true community then you can’t create it artificially with posting packages.

That is why paid to post communities feel fake. There no real commitment and community. Take away their payment, what do you have left? Nothing. They will all flee to the next paying paid to post community.

While exchanges may attract participants, it is genuine passion and interest that keep them coming back. Dedicated members who actively contribute to discussions and support others are the lifeblood of a thriving community. Instead of aiming for a high quantity of posts through exchanges, prioritize creating a sense of belonging and friendship among your members. Encourage them to share their experiences, thoughts, and expertise willingly.

Useful If You Want a "Vacation"

Amidst the challenges of maintaining a community, there might be times when you, as the administrator, need to take a short break or a vacation. Posting Packages can come in handy during such periods. By utilizing them strategically, you can ensure that the community remains active and engaging even in your absence.

However, this should not be a regular practice. Your active participation as an administrator sets the tone for the community, and relying on exchanges too frequently might compromise the sense of leadership and authority you bring to the table.

Not a Replacement for Your Content

As a community owner, it is vital to remember that Posting Packages should never be a substitute for your own content creation and engagement. Your role as an administrator goes beyond just moderating; it involves leading by example. Share your insights, start meaningful discussions, and participate actively to inspire others to do the same. When members see your dedication, they are more likely to be motivated to contribute genuinely, which can lead to the organic growth of the community.

Balancing Exchanges and Organic Growth

While Posting Packages can serve as a temporary boost for activity, they should be used thoughtfully and in moderation. Striking a balance between utilizing exchanges to jumpstart engagement and creating organic growth is key to creating a thriving community. Here are some additional tips to consider:
  • Implement posting packages with strict guidelines to maintain the quality of posts. Encourage members to provide valuable contributions rather than simply meeting the post quota.
  • Use posting packages as part of a broader strategy that includes active community involvement, compelling content, and targeted advertising to attract dedicated members.
  • Offer rewards and recognition to members who contribute organically, creating an incentive for genuine engagement.
  • Regularly analyze the impact of posting packages on your community's growth and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Conclusion of Part I

Posting Packages can be a useful tool in certain circumstances, such as jumpstarting activity and maintaining engagement during temporary absences. However, they should never be the sole driving force behind your community. Genuine, organic interactions and passionate members are the backbone of a successful online community. As an administrator, your role is to create a sense of belonging, encourage meaningful conversations, and lead by example. By balancing the use of Posting Packages with a focus on organic growth, you can build a thriving and sustainable community that stands the test of time.

Article Content of Part II:

2. Look for good paid posting services
3. Always test your Content Writers
4. Weed out the bad Content Writers, keep the best of them
5. Pay fast, provide good feedback, be professional
6. Keep your forums active and promote

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