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NerdiestKen's Forum

Providing members with a wide range of topics since 2019.

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Providing members with a wide range of topics since 2019.
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About Us
Since 2019, NerdiestKen's Forum provided a wide range of topics that keeps members talking. Now that it's back in its original format, we still provide members with topics that are new and topics from the original version. Also, we provide members with games of all kinds, including fun online word games, trivia games, and forum posting games to keep them entertained and to help pass the time.

Why is the forum being rebooted and reverted back to the original?
In late September 2022, this forum gained almost 60 members and almost 30,000 posts in 3 years, but I had to shut my forum down because of personal problems and being picked on by people in the forum community for the entire month, but after much consideration, I decide to bring it back in its rebooted form on October 2nd. However, as of 8/13/2023, the reboot name dropped in favor of bringing back the original name.

What are some of the topics you provide members with?
We provide members with a wide range of topics like gaming, TV, sports, movies, music, random chat topics and literature just to name a few.

Does the forum have forum games for members to play?
NKF have a variety of forum games like a wide range of forum posting games from alphabetical to word association to help pass the time. We also have provided them with links to some fun online word games to play and hone their word skills. We also had trivia games where members answer questions from any category they know best, but it was put on hiatus after one member I banned claiming that trivia games are "too lazy" and "boring." That claim made by that banned member is totally unfounded and false. These trivia games are for fun, entertainment, educational and historical purposes only. Since I write the questions, I brought it back after a long break.

Does the forum also provide education to the members?
Yes, and since the relaunch, I post daily historic events to show everyone what happened back then. Also since last December, I post events from out of the pages of the 9 world almanacs periodically to also provide some welcomed education and learn about the events happened from 1984 to 1993 and it doesn't matter how old the members are.

How do they join?
The URL is: danerdkensforum.proboards.com/ to register and become a new member. They can invite their friends, family and relatives to spread the word about our forum.​
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Jul 7, 2019
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