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What would you rent than buy?


Service Team
Service Team
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Sep 30, 2022
Do you have anything that you would find it very difficult to buy but will be very comfortable in having to rant it? Some of my guys hate buying cars, they prefer to rent it.

Do you feel this way towards any item?
Buying cars is better for me. I can use it for anything that I want to do without the fear that something is going to happen to the car.
I would rather buy than rent cars. Same with a house or a company building. Renting is only making someone else rich. 😅
When it comes to cars I would rather buy than rent a car so that I didn't have the worry about certain rules in place from whoever I was renting the car from. In terms of houses, at the moment I rent myself and with my financial situation at the moment I find it fits me better to rent than buy at the moment. I would love to buy a house one day when the time comes but right now, renting is perfect for me.
I'd rather rent a car when on a vacation trip rather than pay for transportation services.
I would rather buy a house then rent it. In fact, it's even better for me to build my own house to my taste if I have the money to finance it. As for cars, where I live, I would buy but when I travel to another country that I'm just going to stay for a while, I would only rent.
I can't rent a smartphone 😂. I don't think it's something done anywhere but if it's a thing, that's not going to be what I would be interested in renting. I watched a video on Facebook some days ago where two ladies were fighting over hiring their clothes for an event.

I won't rent a wedding gown for my wife for our wedding.
I'd rent a place to live since I don't qualify for a mortgage loan.
I'm in construction, and there is some rarely used equipment that I just rent as needed because I don't use it enough to justify purchasing it outright.

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