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If you read this topic title, you have to post


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Sep 22, 2022
If you read this topic title, you have to post. Just make a decent post, nothin offensive or spammy.

If you read this topic and you don't post, a bad thing will happen to you.

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How would you know if someone has read it or not? :p
Am I actually in the forum game's forum? Someone get me out of here! :eek:
I don't normally take part in the forum games but I ended up getting stuck in here and just can't leave!
This is a post. I am posting this on my own free will. No one is threatening me with anything.

Jimmy Fallon No GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
I forgot about this but here i am again.
This is getting worse than that thing a few years back called 'The Game' where you had to forget about 'The Game' and every time you thought about it you lost.

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