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How many undeveloped domain do you have?


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Sep 22, 2022
Hey everyone,

I was just curious, how many undeveloped domains do you guys currently have? As a webmaster, it's not uncommon to have a few domains sitting around that we just haven't gotten around to developing yet. But how many is too many?

Do you have a strategy for deciding which domains to focus on first? Maybe you prioritize based on niche or potential profitability? Or do you just work on them as inspiration strikes?

And what about the domains that have been sitting around for years? Are you still holding onto them in the hopes of eventually developing them, or do you think it's time to cut your losses and move on?

Let's start a discussion and share our experiences with managing undeveloped domains!

For my business I have my primary one and about 5 other ones redirecting to the primary one. I mainly registered them for the keywords they have. Then around 3 other forum related ones that I don’t use but are redirected to Admin Junkies.
*laughs* Too many! Are we counting the cases of owning .com/.org/.net as 1 or 3?

Seriously though I own about 30 domains in total currently that should become projects but I never seem to find the time like I used to. There was a time when I'd go to work, do a full 40 hours plus commute, and probably spend that long again on my website projects. But in recent times... I feel like I spend a fraction of that.

Some of the domains I have for sentimental value, projects I did that closed that may again be revitalised - who knows? Maybe the name will be repurposed. Others I have because I have every intention of turning them into what they were intended to be, but time seems to get away from me more than ever.

(I wouldn't mind but I'm not even 40 yet and here I am talking like an old man, wistfully staring off into the distance of youth. There was also a time I *finished* things.)
I currently have 3 domains, I did have a few others but I couldn't afford to renew them.

1 of them was a domain that I used to own some 15-20 years ago and opted not to renew it after permanently closing the project. I relaunched the website a couple of years ago on a slightly different domain, then managed to re-acquire the original.. 😎

The third domain was from my previous website, but didn't want to let it go.. It now redirects to my current site. Whether it ever gets used for a separate project again remains to be seen, unlikely but never say never!
I currently only have about three or four. Some are just left over from my old communities that I merged together, one was for a huge project I was going to take over but couldn't handle it at the time, and another one is for a project I thought about starting early this year but now I'm probably not going to anytime soon. I'm probably going to keep some of the domains, but sell maybe one or two of them.

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