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Has social media become a problem?

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I think it has, the amount of false information that spreads on the platform is alarming to say the least. It's not only that though, I think people have become more bold and state some toxic stuff they wouldn't even say in real life to other people's faces. I'm sure this toxicity has always existed on the internet, but it was usually contained on a few forums here and there but not on a main stream site that billions of people use daily. Facebook is bad and X is no better especially since Elon Musk took over.
When I was a little kid, most people were quick to be embarrassed when caught doing such things. Now every single moron is a celebrity wannabe to their own pathetic social media channel/pages or whatever crap they are with complete disregard for others around them. How did we come to this low as a society?
This also has affected physical locations as well. It was before that only a few would know about that perfect spot or trail but now, its location has been shared among every persona within the network. Now those places are getting trampled or there's a massive amount of people who want to take that exact same photo even though it's been taken before.
As for your video I find it entertaining it is mostly women when I see men do this type stuff all the time too lol, but I suppose that helps answer your question. Social Media causes people to want to do the newest thing, newest trend, to help stand out more. Really though, these people would likely be doing it without social media too, because we honestly had crazy people prior to the internet... it just wasn't so noticeable/seen.
I think social media has affected our social lives. I think we were more genuine and responsive before social media came about. We usually chat more online than we do face-to-face. I think the toxicity of social media has made a lot of people afraid to speak their opinions or how they feel about something due to how people treat each other over social media and often use it to relieve their dark, inner thoughts. Don't get me wrong, it's not like everyone has social anxiety or is anti-social, but I think social media may have made that rate higher than before it hit the internet. People often feel more entitled too because social media gives this feat of gratification and acceptance that we don't always receive in a public or private setting. The only social media I use is Reddit and I no longer actively participate by commenting or posting, but just browsing. I've tried using Facebook on about five different occasions and it really made me feel jealous of others' successes and their never-ending friend list, it makes me feel like not many people genuinely care about me because I only had about 30-something friends when I last used Facebook. Sending friend requests to your past friends/coworkers and even some of your family members just to be unaccepted isn't that great of a feeling. So, with that being said, social media can sometimes make us feel this sense of jealousy or entitlement. It has not only affected our social life but also our mental state of being.
I think a lot of stuff is showing off with no shame. However, it depends on who is showing off and what they're showing off. Anyway, nobody has to watch certain people and can unfollow people even while being a friend.

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