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📢 Info A few service updates...


Community Administrator
Jun 28, 2023
Hey! We've got a few updates to our services to announce today - with one BIG announcement hitting before the end of the month ;) (sorry, you'll have to wait a tiny bit longer for this one)

Content Bundle Wait Times
When we initially launched the Content Bundle Service, we wanted to bring a level of service simply not found elsewhere. We're confident that our content bundles offer you posts, threads, comments and activity at a better price, and at a higher quality, than anywhere else and we want you to be able to leverage that. So... goodbye wait times!

From today, you will be able to request Content Bundles one after the other, with no wait (or 'cooling down') period after a request. We are for now not permitting concurrent requests, but as soon as we've completed one request, if you've got the AJ Credits for it, feel free to request another!

Waiting 28, 14 or 10 days is silly - take advantage and continue to bolster your site's activity with Content Bundles! And for the next 24hrs use the code NOWAIT10 for 10% off our usual prices.

This change will apply to all future and new services yet to be announced.

Buy Advertising, Get a FREE Banner
Want to take advantage of banner advertising here on Admin Junkies? Perhaps you don't have a banner at the right size or resolution ready to drive traffic to your site. Well don't you worry, because from today we are offering a FREE banner graphic with any advertising purchase.

Once you have purchased an ad, simply message @Mills with a URL to your site and any design preference, and I'll get right onto making you your very own ad banner. You can then use this for your ad purchase here on AJ - and elsewhere too as our sizes are universal and widely similar to other sites!

A small thank you from us for advertising ❤️

Just a small update from us here at Admin Junkies - expect another service announcement in the not so distant future.

~ Admin Junkies Team
Looking forward to seeing the new offerings, hope they are better than the toxic offerings on that other site.

Sheep Eating GIF
Great updates. Just wanted to add that I’m very grateful you all decide to be a part of our family. A family that keeps pushing hard in helping every other fellow member on this community. In any way possible. Whether it’s free graphics, valued advice and knowledge, CSS/coding tricks, feedback, etc. We’ve all done our part one way or another.

We have some exciting updates concerning the raffles coming soon too!

Very proud of this community, thank you all for being here. 💙
Excellent update which I’m sure the community will take advantage of, it certainly sets you apart from other promotion forums! I’m looking forward to the next update!
I can see the Wait Time if there are a multitude of requests with very few Staff able to do them. There needs to be a good balance.
The forum could always be temporarily closed to new requests if an overwhelming amount of requests are in the forum. That's an alternative solution.

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